The Indian Coffee Machine

So my Dad comes to America to visit me and I want to impress him with America’s technological prowess. I remembered that in India a simple task such as making coffee can be an arduous process. First, you have to go buy the coffee beans. Then you have to roast them. Grind them. And then using a contraption make coffee decoction. And then you mix it with milk and sugar and then finally you have made coffee!

“Not so in America!” I tell my Dad proudly. I show him a jar of instant coffee. I walk to the hot water dispenser and press the knob to dispense steaming water into a mug. And then I use a packet of instant sweetener and a spoonful of instant coffee and rapidly stir it with a spoon. “See how easy it is to do things in America! I say as I proudly sip the coffee.

“It is much easier in India!” says my Dad to my astonishment. “I can do it without moving an inch from my seat!”

Frankly, I am puzzled. I remember my Mom spending an ungodly amount of time to make coffee. “How do you mean? “, I ask him.

“In India you always have a dozen people standing around you doing nothing,” Says my Dad. You point your finger at the nearest guy and say ‘Hey, you! Go get me coffee!” He sprints out the door and runs to one of the many street vendors, who make their living selling coffee and snacks for a few pennies. Within a minute you will have the best coffee in the world delivered to you and in your hands!

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One Response to The Indian Coffee Machine

  1. It all used to happen earlier Sunil in India. Time has changed and so has the technology and consumption of coffee in India has grown. Yes there are still places in India where the old traditional way of making coffee is used. But most of the places are now looking forward to coffee vending machines with the best taste and aroma and you see these a lot in coffee houses. Iam a coffee lover too and i drink my coffee with fresh milk and grinded coffee beans and this all happens within few mins. I have a fresh and honest coffee vending machine in my office which uses fresh milk and grinded coffee beans. It uses fresh milk and grinded coffee beans which are the finest in the world. The machine is fully automatic and programmable as per users preferences. It has a built in warmer and a grinder which maintains milk at 70-72 degrees. So i now get the same taste of coffee everytime like the one in local coffee house.

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