Mr. Kamat confronts the school teacher

When Kamat Junior showed up at home that evening with a note from the teacher, Mr. Kamat Senior was not at all pleased.

The school teacher had an issue with Kamat Junior. She said in the note that in spite of her repeated attempts to teach Kamat Junior to pronounce some words the correct way, he insisted on doing it his own way. For instance, the teacher wrote, no matter how many times she corrected him, Kamat Junior would pronounce the word “Ability” as “Abidity”. The teacher was frustrated.

Next day Kamat Senior went to the school with his son and picked an argument with the teacher. The teacher tried to explain to Mr. Kamat, what was going on. His son could pronounce the words the right way, she said, because Kamat Junior did not have any kind of disability. It is just that he choose to pronounce certain words, such as Ability, his own way.

Mr. Kamat replied furiously. “What do you mean, won’t pronounce the words the right way? He is trying isn’t he, what if this is beyond his “capadity”?

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