My two new Mantras books on using the Law of Attraction will be FREE on this weekend (April 13-14, 2013)!

Beginning Saturday and through Sunday the two new books I recently published will be FREE on! The first is titled “Mystical Mantras. Magical Results.” Second one is a subset for the former and is titled “Mantras for Jobs and Career Success.” 

Both books list techniques deciphered from the ancient Indian Vedas and Upanishads, written as back as in the first millennium BC,  on how to practice the law of attraction using simple single syllable mantras. If you have tried practicing the Law of Attraction and failed then these two books are a good read for you.

The problem with practicing the Law of Attraction as detailed in the popular book “The Secret” is that there is no clear technique to implant a wish from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind. As you know The Secret says your wish is granted only if it is implaned in your subconscious mind. Since it is not verifiable you really don’t know if you are using the Law of Attraction correctly. If you get your wish you assume that you must have succeeded and if not you think you did not practice the law properly. This sort of a hit and miss make many give up trying to use the Law of Attraction. 

Fortunately with the Indian mantras there is no doubt that they are working because you can feel the effect of the electromagnetic energy fields that the recitation of these mantras create in your body. Read the books to discover how it is done.

Remember, they are FREE only this weekend!





Here is the back cover text from “Mystical Mantras. Magical Results”. 

The Law of Attraction states that “Like attracts like” and is used to communicate with the cosmic force to get whatever you want in life. However, Law of Attraction as it is taught requires you to unite both the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind to communicate with the cosmic force. This is very difficult and impossible to many. There is another way. In my research of the ancient Indian scriptures known as the Vedas and the Upanishads, I found simple single syllable Sanskrit sounds (mantras) used by great Indian yogis, gurus and warriors to communicate with the cosmic force to obtain incredible powers to use in everyday life. Vedas state that the cosmic force purposefully created these sounds at the time of the creation of the universe and is always actively listening and responding to these sounds. Latest scientific experiments have shown that the very first sounds heard in the universe could very well have been these sounds. In this book I detail vastly simplified techniques that take only a few seconds a day where these mystical mantras are used to communicate with the cosmic force and get whatever it is you want in life. Specific techniques cover jobs, promotions, career success, happy relationships, great health, wealth, and abundant prosperity. Read, enjoy, practice and prosper! 


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