About Sunil Padiyar

I am an Indian that has been living in America for a long time.

I live in Arizona and so far no one has asked me yet for my immigration papers.

Every now and then I meet someone not too knowledgable about geography. They ask me where I am from and I say I am Indian. They then ask me “Which tribe are you from?” This always make me pause because I don’t know if I should laugh or prolong the humorous situation and play with them for a while. I reply, “I am from the Brahmin tribe!” They don’t laugh, instead, they think seriously for a minute. Refusing to quit while I am ahead I say “Christopher Columbus went looking for me but got to the wrong place!” When they still don’t get it I give up and decide not to mine the situation for laughs any more.

Just for fun, when someone tells me that my English is good I say “So is yours!” They are stunned. They think for a while and then utter a forced laugh.

Sometimes, when people ask me where I am from, I say “I am from East Chicago.” Again, no laughter instead some deep thinking. Even though years of living in America has made my accent more American, it is still Indian at its core. They think for a while trying to grasp how I still have some accent if I am born and raised here. They don’t want to insult me so they cautiously search for the followup question. Then they say something like, “I have been to Chicago but have not met anyone like you there!” I let them sit and wonder for a while before I tell them the truth.

I live in Arizona where the sun can be very brutal in the summer with one hundred days of one hundred degree temperature. So, if the person talking to me looks too pale I say something like “I used to look like you when I came here! Look what happened to me from all the sun!” They look at me for a while like I am from Mars or something. They wonder if it is OK to laugh. When I start laughing out comes their laughter as well.

This blog is a compilation of the many humorous situations I have encountered while living in America. I have always thought I was a funny guy so I want to see if I can make you laugh. Please don’t be offended at any time because this is all in good humor. If the people who cuss at me exceed the people who laugh then I will simply remove the offending joke. No one is immune from my sarcastic sense of humor and that includes even me!

Enjoy the many videos I will make for this blog over time. Please leave a comment if you feel like it and share with me your own stories. If you agree, I will add it to my joke collection and make and post a video of it on my Blog.

Aloha! Mahalo! Namaste! Namaskar!

P.S. On September 1, 2010 , decided to add these additional details about myself which may make me uninteresting to many of you but I will take the risk.

I am a technology industry executive. I have a professional blog where I talk about really cool tech stuff. That blog is:

Sunil Padiyar’s Technology Blog

In addition, this may shock you but I have written a book about how to use your energy field in manufacturing luck and enhancing intuition and foresight so that you can win in games of chance! It has received six 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, the most recent one being from an Amazon Top 100 reviewer!

The link to the book on Amazon:

Sunil Padiyar’s Psychic Gambling Book on Amazon.com

In addition, I have a blog on this book that I actively contribute and maintain on a daily basis. That blog link is:

Sunil Padiyar’s God Plays Dice Blog


One Response to About Sunil Padiyar

  1. Jillian Coombs says:

    Hey Suneel. You look really sexy in that plaid shirt. Oh those bulging biceps! Remember me? Jillian 🙂

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